Big Country Thrive Pumpkin Powder Pure Salmon Pork Dinner Turkey Salmon Lamb
Pork Dinner 2lb
Price: $7.79
Big Country Raw Thrive - Pumpkin Powder 225 grams
Thrive Pumpkin Powder is an all natural and effective way to treat common canine digestive upsets including loose bowels and constipation.
Sourced from Canadian Fishery and a rich source of essential Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
4 lb Box contains 4 - 1 lb portion vacuum sealed packs with easy peel top.
100% Ontario Raised Pork, a great choice for dogs with allergies.
Pork is considered hypoallergenic.
A best selling blend, perfect for dogs and cats with skin allergies. Rich in Omega 3’s this soothes skin fast!
Breeder Blend Dehydrated Veal Dog Chew Dehydrated Beef Liver Beef Tripe

Big Country Raw’s # 1 Best Selling Menu item. Our Signature Breeder Blend contains chicken (meat and bone) with beef tripe, and beef organ meat for a taste your dog will LOVE!

Healthy K9 Original - Veal Chew - 5 pieces
Dehydrated Veal Dog Chew Treat, Naturally Processed, No Chemicals, Grain Free, Your Dogs Favourite.
HeroDogTreats™ - Beef Liver 114g
Dehydrated Human Grade Liver is a worry free treat that is rich in flavour and packed with 100% natural protein. Products made in Canada, by Canadians for Canadians.
Green Tripe from Pasture Raised Ontario Beef.
A treat all dogs love!